18 January 2018

Softball Tournament


1. Players must be at least 18 years old and out of high school.

2. Teams are limited to a maximum of 20 players, all of who must be listed on team roster.

3. A player who is not on the team roster is an illegal player. Any game in which he/she plays will be forfeited.


1. Teams consist of 10 players. A team must have eight players to begin a game. Any time the team falls below eight players, the game will be forfeited, unless the reason for falling below eight players is due to injury. In this case, teams may continue to play with seven players. Players who arrive late may be added to the bottom of the batting order.

NOTE: When a team is playing with eight players, there will not be an automatic out for the ninth position. There can never be more men than women in the line-up to start a game. If a woman is injured and leaves the game, and no replacement is available, the team may continue the game with four men and three women. The batting position vacated by the female will be an out. If the team is batting five men and five women, a man may be removed from the batting order and no penalty is applied.

2. The run rule is as follows: 15 runs after 3 complete innings; 10 runs after 5 complete innings.

3. Games will have a 55-minute time limit. No new inning may start after 55 minutes, unless the score is tied. Games that are tied after seven innings or 55 minutes will continue until a team has won the game.

4. Batters receive three balls (walk) and two strikes (out). If a batter hits a second foul after one strike, the batter is out, the ball is dead, and runners may not advance.

6. Game Discipline: Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in the players' ejection from the game; his or her position in the batting order will be an out. If ejected, the player must leave the softball complex; in addition, the umpire will submit an unsportsmanlike report to the Wichita Corporate Challenge. The WCC staff may impose additional penalties on the player(s) ejected. Some examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include throwing the bat in obvious disgust, fighting, excessive criticizing of the umpire’s calls, etc. Any player ejected from a game will not be allowed to play the remainder of that game or the following game. If a second ejection occurs, the player will sit out that game and the following two games. On the third ejection, the player will be ejected from all WCC activities.

7. Homeruns: 2 homeruns are allowed per team. Anything hit after 2 will be counted as an out.

8. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the playing field or in the dugout. Failure to observe this rule may lead to forfeiture of the game.

9. Absolutely no protests! The umpire will settle all disputes and rule interpretations

on the field. Exception: Questions concerning player eligibility will be noted and the

game will continue. The WCC staff will verify the players' eligibility. If the player in question is ineligible, the team will forfeit the game(s) in which he/she participated.


14. Line-ups should be turned in to the scorekeeper at least 15 minutes before scheduled game time.

15. Except as presented above, all Wichita Corporate Challenge softball games will be governed by the USSSA rules.

16. A player who is bleeding, or has an open wound, or has an excessive amount of blood on his/her uniform, is prohibited from further participation in the game until the bleeding has been stopped and the wound covered.

  • If treatment can be administered in a reasonable time, the player does not have to leave the game. "Reasonable time" is left to the umpire's judgment.
  • If there is an excessive amount of blood on the uniform or a bandage becomes blood-soaked, the uniform or bandage must be changed before the player may continue to participate.
  • A player prohibited from playing may enter as soon as the bleeding has been stopped and/or the wound covered.
  • If a player is not available when his/her turn at bat comes up, that position is passed, and no out is assessed.

17. If a team is playing with eight players when a player is prohibited from playing because of bleeding or an open wound, the game is not forfeited. The game will continue with seven players; the player may reenter the game as soon as the bleeding has stopped and/or the wound has been covered.

18. All players and coaches must stay behind the white line in the dugout.

19. Teams are reminded that there is a Derby City ordinance prohibiting the use of alcoholic beverages at the ballparks. This is NOT a DRC policy, but city law. Remember that the Derby Police do patrol the parks.

20. Only team members are permitted in the dugouts. Children attending the game are not allowed in the dugout or on the field, and should be watched by their parents and/or guardians.


1.The Wichita Corporate Challenge will provide softballs.

2. Matching uniforms are not required.

3. Players are to remain in the dugout when their team is batting. Batter, runners, on deckbatter, and coaches are the only team members allowed out of the dugout.

Please keep all equipment in the dugout.


1. Coed teams normally consist of five men and five women; a team must have at least four women and four men in the line-up to avoid forfeiture. Teams may use any combination of men and women as long as there are never more men than women.

2. Batting order: Teams will alternate men and women/women and men in the batting order. If there are more women than men, two or more women may bat consecutively. Two men may not bat consecutively UNLESS a woman is removed from the game to tend to a bleeding or open wound. When her turn to bat arises while tending the wound, there is no penalty. Her turn is skipped and two men will bat consecutively. In this case, if the first man is walked, he is awarded first base only and the next man must bat.

3. Once a game has started, if a woman becomes injured or must leave the game to tend a wound, and cannot be replaced with another woman:

  • If batting more than ten players, a man may be removed from the line-up to maintain the allowable balance of men and women.
  • If batting eight players, the void created by her departure will be an out.





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