18 January 2018

Cornhole Rules


Object of the Game:

Score 15 points or more before your opponent


Players (2 females and 2 males/team, 1 male and 1 female on each side) can take stance anywhere between the front and back of target, no more than 5 feet away from the side of the target

*A coin flip decides the team who takes the lead toss in Round 1

Official Scoring:

  • Games are played to 15 points
  • Bags tossed or knocked into the target hole are worth 3pts
  • Bags that land (and remain) on the target board are worth 1 pt
  • Bags that hit the ground before landing on the board or going in the hole Does Not Count
  • Bags that land (or end up) on the ground are worth 0 pts
  • 11-0 is ruled as a shutout and the game is over.


*Team members= 2 males and 2 females, standing at opposite targets and remaining there for the entire game. One team will throw a bean bag and then the opposing team will throw a beanbag - the order of tossing the beanbags between teammates does not matter, alternating throws is acceptable. Teams will alternate throws beginning with the team who had the most points in the previous round. Example: Team A (either player) will throw, then Team B (either player) will throw, then Team A, then Team B....until all bags have been thrown.

Once all bags have been thrown, points will be tallied.

The opposite side will then do the same.

  1. The team with the highest score in the previous round throws the lead toss for the round.
  2. Both teams’ alternate tosses until all eight bags have been tossed. (This concludes a round.)
  3. Player’s feet should not project past the front of the target during a toss.
  4. Boards will be placed 27' from front to front.

This is a Double Elimination Tournament in each Division





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