18 January 2018



  • This is a mixed doubles competition – one (1) man & one (1) woman.
  • This will be a double-elimination tournament.
  • Each company is allowed one (1) mixed doubles team.
  • One team will be solids (1-7), one team will be stripes (9-15).
  • If the 8-ball is pocketed on the break, the shooter wins. If the 8-ball is pocketed and there is a foul or a scratch, the shooter loses.
  • On the break, if the breaker pockets a stripe or solid, the breaker will then be assigned to that particular group of balls, known as the correct balls.
  • If the person shooting makes his/her ball, that same team will shoot again but rotate partners.  This will continue until a shot is missed.
  • If the breaker pockets one or more balls from each group, he/she may choose to be either, by making a ball from one group on the next shot. A combination using a ball from each group is legal at this point, prior to one player being assigned their group.
  • COMBINATIONS: Player must strike his ball first to be legal - except in open table situations. Again, the 8-ball is not neutral. Pocketed balls will not be spotted or returned to play.
  • BALLS ON FLOOR: 8-ball off the table results in loss of game. Other object balls must be spotted. This is not a foul and the player continues to shoot if one of his balls was pocketed. The floored ball is spotted before another shot is taken.
  • ONE FOOT is to remain on the floor at all times.
  1. Opponent pockets his numerical group and then legally pockets 8-ball. 8-ball must be pocketed in a called pocket.
  2. 8-ball is pocketed in a wrong pocket or is knocked to floor.
  3. Failure to call the pocket into which the 8-ball falls.
  4. When playing the 8-ball, player scratches the cue ball.  
  • DECLARING A POCKET: This is only necessary when shooting the 8-ball.
  1. A player has pocketed all his balls and legally pocketed the 8-ball in a called pocket.
  2. 8-ball is made on the break.
  3. NOTE: The 8-ball cannot be played at the same time the last ball of your category is made. The 8-ball must be a separate shot.

 - All judgments made by the officials will be final.  No protesting allowed





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